What is

When fan is turned on, the internal static pressure inside the fabric duct increases. Fabric duct is inflated to a circular shape when the air pressure acts on the fabric surface. Micro-perforation on the fabric allows cold air to leak out and covers the entire fabric ducting (preventing condensation). The heavier cold air diffuse and displaces when mix with the room air. Control air jet laser cutting holes can be added on the fabric allowing long throw.

• Function – Transfer, balance and distribute conditioned air
• Material – Light weight fabric material
• Construction – Sewed to form circular shape join together using zippers
• Installation – Pre-fabricated and assemble on site using wires or rails support
• Aesthetic – uniform, soft surface with colour options

Design principle of fabric ducting air jet

No control air jets – for displacement cooling

Small holed control air jets – for low draught

Why DUCTEASITM system?

Code compliance
DuctEasi is flame retardant that meets all fire code and technical specifications set by the local authority. DuctEasi fabric material and components are tested by established institution in test facilities using the latest testing equipment with certified testing methods.
Competitive price
DuctEasi produces all the fabric in-house together with fabric ducting assembly. Using the more efficient weaving machine also help to reduce cost.
Shorter delivery leadtime
Our regional production facility allows us to reduce turn-around time to deliver our product to you faster.
Innovative technology
With improved manufacturing technology, we are able to incorporate new innovation into fabric ducting design. Negative Oxygen Ion fabric, anti-bacteria treatment, precision laser cutting and rigid suspension are possible.
Customised solution
With our extensive range of material, sizes, components, accessories and technologies, we can customise to different combination to meet any project requirements.
Quality control
DuctEasi ensures that quality control is maintained during R&D stage, raw material procurement, weaving process, laser cutting, sewing, assembly, and packing. Our production facility and processes are certified with Quality Management system ISO 9001:2008 standards.
10-year product warranty
Our confidence in our product quality and durability is backed by 10-year warranty on defect of material and workmanship.
Design consultation and technical support
We are expert of fabric ducting system with more than 10 years of experience. We provide design consultancy, selection, installation, maintenance, repair and training for all our product.

Standards & Certificates